About Us

Adrian Butts

DSC_9921aAdrian Butts is the owner, operator and manager of Considerate Property Management – Fredericton’s fully customizable management service that runs your rental property your way.

Adrian started Considerate Property Management from the ground up in June 2009 after entering the housing and renovation industry full time in 2008 with the purchase and upgrade of his first large rental property. With a background in psychology and an intimate knowledge of human resources and employee interaction from his years of work as a manager, Adrian saw an opportunity in Fredericton to combine his managerial skills with his avid interests and developed talents for realty, renovation and carpentry.

Adrian’s experience as a professional Property Manager provides him with the in-depth, insider knowledge that his clients are looking for in this multi-faceted industry in Fredericton. Whether seeking management for your income property or investing in such a property for the first time, Adrian and his team are business savvy representatives to make it happen your way.